Advertising is a new site dedicated to the 50 size range of Radio Controlled IC Helicopters.

We are very pleased to be able to offer advertsing banners on the the site.

The entire site uses banner rotation software, so any banner placed into the system will appear in any one of the banner slots on the site pages that carry them. The website will also be sectioned into "zones" so that ads may be targetted at more relevant content, all done within the rotation system - i.e. a company wanting to advertise gyro's might be best advertising in the electronics section of the website. This is not necessary, but is an option available to advertisers as a more targetted advertising approach. An advert can be seen across the website, or targetted specifically in one or more "zones".

The site homepage costs more per banner than the rest of the site pages, being the main landing page for most visitors.

All prices are in dollars.

As the site is still new, I have introductory prices in place for banner ads, which is as follows:

Zones are optional, cost no extra, and are currently as follows:

As the site grows, and possibly expands with more sections, more zones can be added to ensure ad targetting is still efficient and covers all the relevant areas effectively.

Using zones will place your ad(s) specifically and only in the zones required. If zones are not specified then your ad(s) will be placed randomly throughout the site, or on the home page, or both, as specified by you when purchasing ad space.

As the site grows, these introductory prices may be subject to change, with notice.

Please contact us for further information

If you would like to purchase advertising on this website, please get in touch via email on .