Fixing the Align 2 in 1 regulator

Author: Rob Turnbull
Article Date: 12th February 2008

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During a recent flight, the negative lead of the Align 2 in 1 regulator parted company with the PCB at the solder joint, which resulted in power loss to the heli and the inevitable crash. In this instance, inverted on it's head.

It took very little time to figure out the cause of this crash, being the negative wire becoming disconnected from the PCB, so I decided I would fix it by resoldering and then adding some damping to the wires where they connect to the PCB to try and prevent it from happening again.

The pictures below show the 2 in 1 regulator with both wires disconnected. Having cut and then peeled back the heatshrink to reveal the innards of the regulator, I discovered that the positive lead was just 2 wires shy of detatching itself too, so I removed that and resoldered them both while I was in there.

  • Regulator PCB with wires removedRegulator PCB with wires removed
  • Regulator PCB with wires removedRegulator PCB with wires removed

I removed the excess solder and broken wire from the PCB, tinned the wires and the board and then resoldered the wires to the correct connections, as shown in the image below.

  • Reconnected positive and negative wiresReconnected positive and negative wires
  • Silicone added for damping effectSilicone added for damping effect

I then covered the soldered area and a centimetre or so of the wires with silicone and re-covered it all with the heatshrink I had previously peeled back. Some electrical tape wrapped around the outside of the unit will keep it held together nicely.