Building a governor sensor for the Trex 600n

Author: Rob Turnbull
Article Date: 13th April 2008

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The trex600n has an inverted fan so the magnet is above rather than below the fan. This means that instead of attaching a governor sensor bracket to the enging mount, you need to fit it either inside of outside the frames above the fan.

There are sensor brackets available to mount and position the sensor inside the frames, but in this article, I'll be cutting down a standard mount and building and fitting that to the heli instead.

Cut a bracket down to approximately 32mm long then fold the sensor into a 90 degree right angle making sure the completely flat side is inside the bend and the chamfered side is outermost. Use a drop of CA glue to fix the sensor to the bracket on the top edge and a few millimetres down the bracket, but not too far in order to allow the wires to be moved out of the way when fitting. Finally, use a short piece of heatshrink to secure the assembly together.

  • Cut a bracket down to approximately 32mmCut a bracket down to approximately 32mm
  • Bend the sensor into a right angleBend the sensor into a right angle
  • CA glue the sensor to the bracketCA glue the sensor to the bracket
  • Heatshrink the sensor (but trim the underside!)Heatshrink the sensor (but trim the underside!)

You will need to make sure that the heatshrink does not go too far down the sensor or it can prevent it from fitting under the sideframe with enough room left above the fan for clearance. The picture illustrates having the heatshrink going too low and spreading over the underside of the sensor - I had to trim the heatshrink back to fit it correctly.

This bracket has been made to be fitted to the right hand side of the helicopter. To fit one to the left side instead, you will need to reverse the bracket direction so the step goes out to the right and not the left.