Removing the engine from the Trex 600n

Author: Rob Turnbull
Article Date: 20th December 2007

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The engine is pretty easy to drop out of the Trex600n as the baseplate has a large hole in it for the engine and fan-shroud to pass right through.

The first job is to remove the muffler from the engine. Undo the two long bolts that run through the engine casing to hold the muffler on to the engine.

  • The muffler boltsThe muffler bolts

With those bolts removed, the muffler can be removed from the engine. Remove the exhaust back-pressure pipe, if it is in use, and then put the muffler to one side.

Next, remove the four fan shroud mounting bolts. There are two on each side of the helicopter.

  • The fan shroud boltsThe fan shroud bolts
  • The fan shroud boltsThe fan shroud bolts

Don't forget to unclip the throttle servo linkage rod, as seen in the picture above right.

Next, undo the four bolts that attach the engine to the mounts in the helicopter - leaving the engine mounts attached to the helicopter. There are two on each side of the engine.

  • The engine mounting boltsThe engine mounting bolts

The engine is now ready to drop out the of the helicopter. Gently push down and rotate the engine and fan shroud forward to push them down and out through the baseplate.

  • The engine mounting boltsThe engine mounting bolts

Be careful of the carburettor arms when dropping the engine out. I generally make a note of the position of the main needle by carefully winding it all the way in until it stops, which tells me exactly how many turns and single clicks out it should be wound when refitting later, and then I completely remove it from the carburettor. This allows the engine to drop out cleanly, without fouling the baseplate at all.

My main needle is wound out to approximately 1.5 turns, and then perhaps two or three clicks more than that, with the base needle screw pointing at approximately 2 °clock - see the first image on this article for a visual of the base needle screw - located just above the top red circle that I have marked on that image.

The engine will now drop out leaving you plenty of space to work inside the helicopter.

  • The helicopter without the engineThe helicopter without the engine