Replacing the Trex 600n clutch

Author: Rob Turnbull
Article Date: 12th November 2008

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Unfortunately, clutches don't last forever!

Luckily, replacement clutches for the Trex600 are cheap, and the process of replacing it is easy.

The first thing to do is to drop the engine out of the helicopter. If you need to see how that's done, please refer to this article.

With the engine out we can easily remove and replace the clutch.

First, remove the clutch mounting bolts which secure the clutch to the fan hub. I then remove the fan shroud so I can get my fingers underneath the clutch to pull it off the fan hub. You may not need to do this, but I find it helps.

The fan shroud simply pulls apart horizontally outwards from the sides of the engine.

  • Remove the clutch mounting boltsRemove the clutch mounting bolts
  • Remove the fan shroudRemove the fan shroud

Take the new clutch out of it's bag and apply some grease to the one way bearing roll pins.

Get a finger in there and work the grease into the roll pin slots.

  • The new clutchThe new clutch
  • Apply grease to the one way bearing roll pinsApply grease to the one way bearing roll pins

Fit the newly prepared clutch to the fan hub using blue threadlock on the bolts and securing them firmly and equally. Tighten one then the other bit by bit to keep everything flush. Finally, fit the fan shroud back in place and close it up tight.

  • Fit the new clutch to the fan hubFit the new clutch to the fan hub
  • Fit the fan shroudFit the fan shroud

Job done!

You can now fit the engine back into the heli.