Q. Is 50-Tuning.com a site produced by a helicopter manufacturer?

No, 50-Tuning.com is an independently run site. No payment is received for any of the reviews that are published on this website.

Q. How are the manufacturers involved in this site?

Manufacturers supply helicopter kits and upgrade parts (that they produce or sell) to the site and in return the site builds those helicopter kits and uses those upgrade parts, and then writes factual and unbiased reviews of them.

Q. What helicopters can we find information about on 50-Tuning.com?

Eventually we'll host information about most of the popular 50 size nitro powered helicopters.

Q. Does the site have a forum?

Not yet, but if there is sufficient demand, one will be added.

Q. Is 50-Tuning.com related toTrexTuning.com, X400Tuning.com or Swift-Tuning.com?

Yes, this site is operated under a license of the "tuning" website brand.

Q. Can I do reviews for 50-Tuning.com?

You are welcome to submit a review to us, but 50-Tuning.com tends to use it's own reviewers for such work. This does not mean your review or article won't get published; it will be looked at and if suitable and factually accurate it may be published on the site subject to editorial agreement between you and us.

Q. Do advertisers influence site content in any way?

No. As an independent review site, we do not allow any outside influences to have any bearing on the site content.