JP Carbon 600mm Main Rotor Blades

Reviewer: Rob Turnbull
Review Date: 31st October 2006
Manufacturer: J Perkins
Unit Cost: £35

Blade details

These blades come as a symmetrical balanced pair.

Length 600mm
Width 53mm at the root end - 52mm at the tip end
Blade grip size 12mm
Bolt hole size 4mm, with a fitted brass collar

  • BladesBlades
  • RootsRoots (scuffed from use)
  • TipsTips

When they were new (which this review set are not, as per the pictures) they look very nice in their white finish with the double carbon stripe at the root end of the blade. The blade tips are rounded but not as much as some blades, such as those that ship with the Sceadu Evo 50 kit.

They are reasonably stiff in both length and width, with torsional stiffness being somewhere in the middle of the road. They can be slightly twisted with a little force, but not large amounts, so there is some stiffness there. They also fit straight into the stock blade grips of a Sceadu Evo 50 and Raptor 50 without the need for spacers.

Flight testing

Flight testing the blades involves 3D style flying on a heli setup with quite fast cyclics and using V Paddles for their extra crisp response.

These JP blades give off quite a lot of blade noise (flutter) in 3D flight when performing even fairly simple 3D manoeuvres. For example, flying towards yourself inverted, then introducing forward elevator and negative pitch to push the heli vertical and then away from you induces a lot of blade noise. That blade noise signifies a loss of headspeed, which is not a good thing. Tic-tocs are quite loud too, in fact, any manoeuvre that requires more than a medium change in pitch results in blade flutter.

They are capable of actually flying most of the hard 3D manoeuvres, but the flex in the blades means they reduce the headspeed more than a set of stiffer blades would when performing the same manoeuvre and as such, the manoeuvre becomes harder to perform.

In sport flying terms, these blades do the job. The high demands put on blades in 3D flight are not present in sport flying and these blades will handle most of what the sport flier can throw at them, including loops, rolls, stall turns, etc. These will all be fine with minimal, if any, blade noise being produced if flown gently.

Pros and Cons

The finish of the blade looks and feels good
You do not need blade spacers when fitting to a standard 12mm blade grip
The blades are white, which some people find easier to see than black blades
Not stiff enough for harder 3D flying
Too much blade noise in 3D flight


Having flown these blades as my main set for several months before moving on to stiffer blades, I can confidently say that they are fine for sport flying, but if you want decent 3D performance from your helicopter, these are not the blades to use. They will flutter and give off a lot of noise, which is nice if you like that sort of thing, but if you prefer better 3D performance and less noise, I recommend you look elsewhere.