V2 600mm Carbon Main Rotor Blades

Reviewer: Rob Turnbull
Review Date: 24th May 2007
Supplier 50-Tuning.com
Manufacturer: Campbell Manufacturing
Unit Cost: £79.99

Blade details

These blades come as a symmetrical balanced pair.

Length 600mm
Width 53mm from root to tip (tapered at the bolt hole end)
Blade grip size 12mm
Bolt hole size 4mm, with a fitted brass collar
  • Label indicates exact balanced weight (131.2g)Label - indicates exact balanced weight (131.2g)
  • BladesBlades
  • Padded blade rootPadded blade root to help blade grip friction
  • Tip with holographic pad (in the blade)Tip with holographic pad (in the blade)
  • Balancing plugBalancing plug
  • V2 labelV2 label

The first thing that strikes me about these blades is the fact that the precise weight of them is written on the package label. Maybe you aren't that bothered about knowing the precise weight of the blades, but the fact that it's on there for all to see shows confidence from the manufacturer in their product.

These blades have a stunning look to them. They are entirely made of black carbon weave with two stickered areas on them. One is the V2 sticker and the other is the holographic panel at the tip end of the blade. That holographic panel has been changed to a white panel on new V blades (even though these were purchased after that change came in). I quite like the hologram to be honest.

The roots have a fibreglass disc stuck on top of the raised bolt hole area which helps the blade grips to do their job of gripping the blades. There is also the usual 4mm brass insert through the bolt hole. The disc also stops blade grips (particularly metal blade grips) from marking the blade roots, which is a nice touch.

The blade tips are slightly curved at the top edge and then taper out to a point on the trailing edge, with a slightly shallower taper than is seen on the SAB 620 blades.

They are extremely stiff when flexing from root to tip, with very good torsional stiffness. You will be hard pushed to bend them in any direction.

They fit straight into stock 12mm blade grips without the need for spacers, and being 600mm blades they are suitable for all 50 sized helicopters.

Flight testing

Flight testing the blades involves 3D style flying on a heli setup with quite fast cyclics and using V Paddles for their extra crisp response.

These V2 600 blades offer excellent performance and give off zero blade noise (flutter) in 3D flight other than that normally generated in extreme pitch changes. Normal blade flutter is caused by excessive (and sometimes minor) blade flexing in flight, but these blades seem to not flex at all, hence no noise. They do, however, have a strange yet distinctive whistling type noise behind them - it's faint, but noticeable. I believe this is due to the small hole in the leading edge of the blades.

They handle everything I can throw at them without me worrying that they're going to flex too much and strike the boom or something equally disastrous. They can bog down the head a bit easier than most other blades in extreme pitch change manoeuvres. Full pitch pullouts and bunts felt rapid and seem to have little effect on the engine RPM. They feel very accurate and responsive, which is down to the rigidity of the blade.

In sport flying terms, these blades are probably serious overkill, although obviously they will perform very well. The high demands put on blades in 3D flight are not present in sport flying and these blades will handle everything the sport flier will require of them, although I would strongly suggest that a less costly but equally suitable blade be used in those circumstances.

Pros and Cons

The finish of the blade looks and feels excellent
Very stiff making them excellent blades for 3D flying
Padded roots prevent blade grips damaging the blades and help with sturdy mounting in the blade grip too
You do not need blade spacers when fitting to a standard 12mm blade grip
Although the blades are black, they have highlighted tips making them easy to see
Expensive blades


From the first flight I put these on my heli I knew they were special. The feel in flight and the responsiveness they have is superb. You fly knowing that the heli is going to go where you put it. They definitely get a big thumbs up from me. If you're aiming for top 3D performance from your helicopter and have the budget for these main rotor blades, they should certainly be seriously considered.