Align Trex600n Gyro Mount

Reviewer: Rob Turnbull
Review Date: 31st October 2007
Manufacturer: Align
Unit Cost: £3.99


Even though the packet is labelled as a Gyro Mount, it also includes a frame stiffener and two shorter canopy mounting posts. The gyro mount itself is a shallow tray that sits neatly over the top of the two front cyclic servos.

Here's a picture of the packet, containing the gyro mount tray and mounting screws, canopy mounting posts, frame stiffener and threaded rod.

  • What comes in the bagWhat comes in the bag

Fitting the gyro tray

The tray fits neatly above the two front cyclic servos, and is mounted using two screws through the pre-drilled holes in the sideframes.

  • The mounting position of the trayThe mounting position of the tray
  • The tray and mounting screwsThe tray and mounting screws

Knowing that I would be using a hook and loop strap over the top of my gyro for added security, I decided that, when fitting the tray, I would put the hook and loop strap in place before slotting the tray down to make life easier afterwards.

Then, simply push the tray into place and screw the mounting screws through the sideframes and into the plastic tray. I added a drop of CA glue to the screws as they are going into plastic.

  • The fitted tray and hook and loop strapThe fitted tray and hook and loop strap
  • The Futaba GY611 gyro sensor fitted and securedThe Futaba GY611 gyro sensor fitted and secured

The hook and loop tape is not over tightened around the gyro, it is more of a close fit. Too tight might affect the performance of the gyro through extra vibration getting to the sensor through the strap.

Fitting the frame stiffener and new canopy mounts

First, the threaded rods need fitting into the new, shorter canopy mounting posts. Screw the rod approximately half way into the plastic mount. Optionally, use a drop of CA glue on the end of the rod being screwed into the plastic canopy mount to secure the rods in place.

  • The frame stiffener and new canopy mountsThe frame stiffener and new canopy mounts
  • Mounting posts with threaded rod fittedMounting posts with threaded rod fitted

Remove the existing canopy mounting posts from the heli and slide the new frame stiffener into place between the sideframes - line up the holes ready for fitting the new canopy mounting posts.

  • Remove the old canopy mountsRemove the old canopy mounts
  • Fit the new frame stiffenerFit the new frame stiffener

Finally, fit the new canopy mounting posts through the sideframes and screw them into the frame stiffener. Use blue threadlock to secure them in place.

  • New canopy mounts and frame stiffener fittedNew canopy mounts and frame stiffener fitted

That's it, a quick and easy upgrade that gives you a secure mounting area for the gyro or gyro sensor, shortens the canopy mounting posts a little to save over-stretching your canopy, and adds extra stiffening to the frames in the process, which is always good!

Pros and Cons

Very easy to fit in the pre-drilled holes
Prevents heat from the servos damaging the gyro foam padding if the gyro is directly mounted on top of the servos
Adds stiffness to the frames
Adds extra weight to the heli, albeit a small amount


It is a very cheap addition to the helicopter and brings a couple of plus points along with it. Mounting the gyro, or gyro sensor, on the tail boom housing is not advisable as you could end up going through several gyro mounting foam pads. That housing needs to be split open if the tail drive gears need replacing, and they will at some point. Therefore, the best place for the gyro or sensor is up front, but without this tray, you have to mount the gyro or sensor directly on top of the front two cyclic servos, and depending on how hot those servos get, the mounting pad glue might not remain sticky enough to hold the gyro in place.

Along with the tray, the added stiffness to the frames is a nice bonus. The less twist there can be in the helicopter body, the better it will perform.

For the sake of four pounds, I'd suggest buying and fitting this to your 600n now.